Sleep Bindrune

I know many people, including myself, who have trouble relaxing and falling asleep.  I have made several Sleep Bindrunes for this purpose.

These are the runes involved in my Turtle Sleep Bindrune, because when I put them together they remind me of the pattern on a turtle’s shell.  Others can, of course, put the following runes together in any manner they think best.




Turtle Sleep Bindrune

-Laguz will help you flow in tune with life’s rhythm, let your energies move where they need to go to help you in and out of rest when you need it, and help you remember to feel strong for taking care of yourself, and get truly well nurtured and refreshed from the rest that you take.


 -Berkana’s here to remind you that all work goes in cycles, that all growth happens with nurturing, that sleep is a necessary and wonderful part of the circle.  It’s also here to help you use that sleep and renewal to your best advantage.


-Perthro is to help you stay calm and steady in the face of whatever your day is ending or your tomorrow is bringing.  It’ll help you let things go that need to end, hold onto things that need dealing with, and take the right kind of rest and refreshment that you need to deal with whatever newness might be meeting you in the morning.


-Isa’s here to keep you still, to keep you restful when you need it no matter how tempting it is to worry or do more.  It’s also here to remind you of how strong and secure you can be in stillness, and how enlightening rest can be.


 -Gifu will remind you that, no matter what you’re doing, your friends and spirit allies are still strong and caring for you, even when you’re not aware of it.  It’s also here to help you remember that giving gifts is also something that you need to let yourself do for you.


 -Eihwaz will keep you safe, stable, and secure while you are sleeping.  I like to know that you’re safe.



I recommend using blue for peace and healing.  Another useful color might be black, as it absorbs and negates negative energy.

If anyone else has thoughts or comments on sleep bindrunes or runes that they find calming in general, please feel free to share in the comments.


4 thoughts on “Sleep Bindrune

  1. I would expect to see the bind itself, to see how you make those runes to work together, how they interact with each other, how you read them. I would not recomend to put runes in whatever order because end effect can be different then wanted. It’s like taking “banana” word then mixing characters into “anbaan” and claim that it still means banana 🙂

    My good sleep rune bind would be: Raidho and Wunjo binded together to represent both harmonious daily natural rythm as well as pleasent mental jurney, sweet dreams. They would be binded with Ingwaz, Laguz and Eihwaz binded together that would represent safe time of rest when life energy would be accumulated and healing proccess happen. Those two would be binded with end result that is Uruz. Ingwaz itself leads to release of accumulated potential life energy and it would manifest in Uruz that is good mental and physical health as well as strength and energy. So:

    According to my natural, harmonius rythm I shell let myself to go for a pleasent mental jurney while I put myslef in undisturbed, safe, regenerative rest to gather my vital energy in order to wake up rested, healthy and full of wild energy.

    This rune bind contains also power of prime number 71, as well as holy nuber of 3.
    Hm, I think I will post that bind on my blog 🙂

    Have a good day and good luck.
    And I really would like to see your bind!

    • My process for placing the runes within the bindrune is much less conscious than yours it sounds like-I let the runes go where they will and know that I have done well when the bindrune turns out looking like an image I associate with the traits I wish to evoke. I knew this bindrune was shaped correctly because turtles are something that both I, and more importantly the friend whom I originally made this for, find restful, pleasant, and in tune with cycles and longevity. If there is a different shape these runes lend themselves to that others might consider more restful, than I believe the placement can and should be shifted into that more restful shape without changing its essential use or meaning.

      I will add a picture of the actual bind shortly-I’m currently between two residences and not everything is easily reachable at the moment. I will let you know when it has been added, though.

      And I thank you for sharing your thoughts and your sleep rune! Happy holidays to you!

    • The picture of the bind is now added.

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