River demon poem

I understand that today celebrates the river demons who navigate tumultuous water, encourage waterfalls, and guide with their currents.  Read more here:



“Those Who Send the Current”


Today’s for those “who send the current,”

And call us to the water’s descent,

As inside our heart sends our tide,

Beating with all we have pent up inside.


Every so often we need our selves to fall,

To leap over the edge,  down gravity’s hall-

To stop fighting the pull of currents

To let our own limbs take offense-


Follow our natural side, dropping all inside

Our direction stays same, just with a cleaner hide-

The river demons carry us with water sent,

If inner rivers follow, we’ll reach the release meant:


Our surges, rapids, blood, breath, thought,

Go over the edge.  We are no longer caught.

Where cascade falls with tides well given and spent,

There lie the stones of “those who send the current.”







One thought on “River demon poem

  1. I really enjoyed this! Sometimes we just need to let go and roll on the river 😉

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