Ior “Spinning in the Wheel” poem

“Spinning in the Wheel”


Thumbelina’s rest and home inside a shell,

The orb that knows woman’s same as swan,

The warriors of legend that shun death at a bell,

The maid who left mer with fins and singing gone,


All learn that boundaries can be crossed,

All know that lines are real

Enough to give reward only when something’s lost,

But its space isn’t empty, but hung like a wheel


With spokes of what the journey teaches,

With yarn think of the secrets you steal

When bending the story your step over reaches,

With blood you’ve spent now ready to heal,


That spinning wheel binds you to one place,

But its twining threads whisper that fates do blend,

There’s a ring spinning where all worlds are one space,

Where wild chases are still and violent passions do mend,

Where inside’s just nature with a shut door,

Where mirrors show present, future, and past,

Where desire is enough and fulfillment no more,

Where the Round Table seats no first or last,

Where Pied Piper’s children found their families in the stone,

Where land and water mingle, separate yet as one,

Where even Peter Pan can give a love full-grown,

And the ever-spinning Fates know ever’s the same as done.


This magic forging apart to same,

This living freedom bears a name.

Circling the earth, it still touches the core,

Strums to harmony, stirs fruition galore,

True fairy tale transformation is bound to lithe Ior.


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Fehu poem

“A Bit Gained”


A little bit higher is a bit of hill gained,

If you know what you have, you’ll know when you’ve more.

All can mend together whole, even broke or sprained.

To build around limbs hale or fortunes sore

Leads into peace, prosperity, fair flowers when it’s rained.


Even one coin can pay when found hard to bite.

Empty ground can yield up gold if tested with might.

You can see so many things with just the smallest light.

Many dark thoughts disappear on meeting a kind sight.

Even bent and thorny roads, with Fehu, can turn right.


Add a little, end some pain, win a little, find your struggle waned-

A little help from Fehu is a precious gift you’ve gained.

Perthro poem

To today’s Perthro rune, and all its splendor.


“Arms Open”


Arms open wide with mystic Perthro,

Something new arrives upon the Fates’ throw,

I welcome the maid, the lady, and crone.

Wrap me in threads from destiny’s throne.

When the stars mix, all my life feels the stir.

The ripple swings out-it’s the quietest spur.

When the nights blend, I heed the crow,

And open my arms to powerful Perthro.

Uraz poem

To Uraz the bull rune, with my thanks for this day.


“Autumn Charge”


Leaves show their edges when they fall,

Serrated sides cut-at speed or crawl.

When it’s time, trunks shed their weight.

To hold on past use is keeping too late.


With horns, with strength, with will,

Uraz the bull cuts out the too still.

So many things drag-on every plane,

A fierce charge is needed to push us to gain.


To sever with skill and make the cleave clean,

Ride the bull through-the other side is green.

Stan poem


Stan is one of the lesser used Futhork runes.  It’s the Rune of the Stone.

I write these words in thanks for the help Stan has given me this day.


“Center Stone”


Stan will show me where to stand.

It knows what’s there and has no ‘and’.

All earth gives and spins around;

Still Stan gifts me solid ground.


Drawing breath around the core,

Balance builds on health, on sore,

Hurt and healing, dark and light,

All need a place before they fight.


There’s a center in each growing one,

That shines, anchors, draws like a Sun,

That rests, holds, and joins my soul-

Stan makes myriad me one whole.