Surgery Bindrune

This bindrune is designed for protection during procedures where a physical alteration is intended-lasik and appendectomies, for example.  This rune will promote overall health and protect the rest of your body from unintended alterations.  It will also encourage acceptance and ease in adjusting to your body’s new state.  It will help prevent complications and quicken healing.  Note: this rune is designed for operations performed at a point where the body is not at a critical stage.  I do not recommend it for operations where someone is already in a life-threatening state.  That would require a stronger bind.




This bind includes:

Chalc-To invite the desired changes and cleanly, easily join those shifts to the rest of your body, making it easy to grow used to and full of positive energy to prevent complications and promote healing.

Algiz-To protect your body from risks and complications.

Berkana-To promote healing, nurture you during the process, and enable you to more easily adjust.

Eiwaz-To keep your body strong and prevent unwanted change.  To keep your healing process balanced and positive physically, mentally, and emotionally.

Dagaz-To fill those necessary physical changes with positive power and let it give you the most energy and life-quality.

Fehu-To refine the operation to the best materials and the best people qualified for the job.  To encourage your body to treat this only as a gain, in spite of having undergone an ordeal and possibly lost something.

Hagalaz-To make the process quick and clean, with no negative side effects.

Kennaz-To help the changed or new parts of your body join and work easily with the rest of it.

Ur-To help those performing the operation know exactly where to focus and where to cut, etc.  To focus the healing process on the parts that are most important without weakening the rest of your body in any way.

Othala-To protect you from anything negative and strengthen you physically, spiritually, and mentally to take charge and live as fully as you can in your new state.


Musical Tension

I had a strange experience last night.  I was undergoing a lot of stress and my body was tossing and turning.  Then, in a natural, unconscious motion like a stretch, my arms went moved-one went straight  up over me as I lay sideways.  The other went out in front of me, but crooked, so the my hand and fingers were bent back over the space created between the arms.  My fingers began strumming, as if there were strings in that space to be plucked, and as they moved my vocal chords hummed different notes-higher close to my chest and lower farther away.  I tried to stop humming as my jaw’s been sore recently, and could not-my vocals continued to respond only to my arms in particular and the rest of my tense body in general.  Then I just sank into it and allowed my physical self to act out its stresses through this musical movement.  It was a highly strange, therapeutic sensation that is not recreated when I put myself back into that same position.


I’m aware that bodies often play large roles in any life stress.  I’ve also heard of musical healing and therapy.  However, last night still seems like quite a strange incident, especially as I do not play the harp, and have not played any other instrument for rather a long time.  I wondered if anyone had any similar experiences, thoughts, or perhaps are aware of any spiritual presences that might manifest themselves in such a way.